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internship stuffies [May. 18th, 2007|09:42 pm]
So I'm bored...and I'm at home. I should probably set up the ol' gamecube or maybe watch those six feet under dvds that I've been being a bum about, but eh, those things are far away and/or require work in order to accomplish them...and I'm already here.

For some reason I've been brain dead this week. Monday-tuesday were in syracuse, tho I had to get up super early tuesday-friday. But I'll do a little rundown of my past few weeks....

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Item 2039482034 why I can't take anything John Stossel does seriously

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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2007|04:27 pm]
Name something people do on the internet.
Name a popular brand of sneaker.
Name a computer game you played in elementary school.
How many elementary school friends are you still friends with?
Name a time college students typically go to bed.
Name a popular card game.
What’s the worst place to get pizza in Syracuse?
Name a local business you’re likely to see commercials for on TV.
Name something people would die from in Oregon Trail.
Name a place to go on a first date.
Name a time college students get up in the morning.
Name an animal with three letters in its name.
Name someone you wouldn’t want to get a call from.
Name something you’d bring to someone in prison.
Name something associated with Tom Hanks.
Name a bad place to try and pick someone up.
What’s the best way to kill time in class?
Name something associated with Stephen Spielberg.
Name something you do during the first couple days of school.
What’s the worst looking building on campus?
What’s the best food court on campus?
Name a famous song that has a dance associated with it.
Who’s your favorite Simpson’s character?
Name a Spice Girl.
Name your least favorite Beatle.
Name something associated with Justin Timberlake.
Who’s your favorite late night TV host?
Name a typical college Halloween costume.
What’s your favorite store in Carousel Mall?
Name something people often have in their dorms that’s technically not allowed.
Name a piece of outdated technology used for entertainment.
With one word, finish this sentence: “Yo momma’s so...”
Name a magazine many college males read.
Name a magazine many college females read.
Name a major with a reputation for being pretentious.
What is the worst place to be stuck near a screaming baby?
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Name an on-campus publication.
Who’s your favorite president?
Name something people eat for breakfast.
Name something associated with Harrison Ford.

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LND [Jan. 12th, 2007|12:34 pm]
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So I'm finally back is syracuse, and I guess it's sort of fitting, maybe, to have a freakout dream about school. This one didn't even make sense tho.

My class took place on a street, and we were in groups, and each group had it's own tent. not a camping tent, but sorta this- but small, and maybe it's had sides. anyhow, I don't know why we were in groups because we each had to present our own idea of a solar system. Mine was just randomly sketched on a piece of paper, all the planets were the same sized (i think they were numbered like pool balls...the planets themselves were supposed to be) as the sun, and all tiny. I showed this to my group member while the prof was speaking about something and she said I really needed to fix it. I didn't have my book so she kept telling me just to run to the library and look at one. I kept saying no, the prof will notice (even tho he was down the line of students or something) and she said "i'm just trying to make sure you're not screwed" and gave up trying.

but then i got my chance and make a break for the library. at first i missed a turn i was going to make and ran into this photo shoot/runway that was taking place randomly outside, but then i found the library and ran in. the first computer i saw had no one at it, but AIM was up, so i just took it and closed AIM. then this kid ran up and started yelling at me that he was on the computer and i needed to leave. i said no, this is the only open computer, i need to find this book for a class, beacuse i'm in the class right now and we have a presentation really soon. he didn't care and we kept yelling at each other til i woke up.

at some point i'm waiting for the requisit "i can't find any of my classes"/"don't know when they are so i missed them all" dream
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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2006|04:16 pm]
I haven't written in almost a month.

Nothing much new has been going on. I'm still having issues with my 411 class. Notsomuch with the prof anymore, moreso with my script. The prof has some concerns with where it's going and I agree with him. He wasn't sure where it was going, and so was I, but I've just figured out what I want to happen, which is awesome. He also said that my cop doesn't sound like a cop, which I tend to agree with, so I'm going to change him so the story makes a little more sense. Now and then I'll have to change some things drastically, but most of it is the same, which is cool. That being said I'm not sure how much I'm going to actually write for this upcoming class, since I'm going to have to change so many things around. Maybe I'll just stick everything in a folder and mark areas that I've rewritten. I'm still very behind, but I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up. I'm almost at the conclusion where I am, which is at like 42 pages, so with that and the denouement, I'll be around where I need to be.

Beyond that, it's almost time for thanksgiving break and I'm almost at my next 345 test, and unfortunately I haven't read. So that's what I'm going to do over thanksgiving break. That and hopefully buy a Nintendo DS lite. I've been thinking about it for a while and I'm pretty set on doing it. All that I'm not sure about is whether my parents will help me out a little with either buying it or a game or two for it. I'm still a little lower on cash than where I want to be, but I know next semester I'm supposed to have more hours, and I'll be getting some money back for my glasses and other big expenses so I should be ok.

Anyhow, should get back to writing. This was mostly just a killing time thing.
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2006|10:08 am]
Gah. I'm getting so frustrated by 411. Notsomuch the script, because it's coming along, kinda. It's this most recent batch of story conferences. First of all, the prof passes around a sheet for us to sign up at the very end of class, and of course, like an idiot, I walk out forgetting to sign up. That's fine tho, because I e-mailed the prof and set it up then for 11:00-11:30 on wednesday. The thing is, I show up at that time, and he tells me that he's scheduled me for thursday. That's still ok, because I figured I might've worded it poorly in the e-mail, but no, I look at it, and it says "11:00-11:30 on wednesday". Still, I'm fine, just an eensy bit peeved. It's not too hard for me to wake up thursday, especially since I usually wake up way earlier when I actually have class. But then I check my e-mail before I head off to take a shower, and what's in my inbox? An e-mail from my prof saying that he's sick and wont be able to make 11:00. Not that I'm mad at the guy for being sick- and he actually must be kind of out of it, because he e-mailed my gmail account, which I don't think I ever told him I had, and it just so happened to be the same as my school one except for @gmail.com instead of @syr.edu. But I'm sick of the process, and all the times I've had to get up way too early. Because I'll probably have to wake up early tomorrow, too.

I don't even know if I should get a shower and go over there. I should probably just call.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2006|08:49 pm]
Today was pretty fun and surreal. I cleaned a ton. Most of the house was pretty clean, this was more of an up-keep thing. I might go through a remop the dining room one of these days if I'm really feelin it. But the best part was meeting my professor for the script meeting.

The backstory: for my TRF411 class I have to write a close to full length screenplay. It's super scary, yes, but we have the entire semester to work on it, as well as the imput of the prof and little writing groups that we meet in. Also I guess we'll have some lectures on character development and whatnot, but honestly...I don't know how much of that we'll get. This is more of a "throw us into the water and we'll learn how to swim" approach. Or at least that's how I felt going into it.

Originally my idea was something strange and Charlie Kaufman-esque, but I decided last minute that I wanted to do something I knew I'd be able to pull off and would also enjoy writing: a zombie movie. So for last week's class we had to turn in the first five pages. I worked really hard to make sure I followed his instructions about getting straight into the action and whatever...but still, I was never really sure of myself with writing (which is why I'm planning on focusing on production). I went into the meeting feeling super nervous.

Which is why I was SO relieved when the first comment he said was "I dig it." hahah. But beyond that, he totally got the vibe I was going for, referenced not only Shaun of the Dead but American Werewolf in London, and also said that my script was probably going to be one of the ones he enjoyed going back to. Also I rock at deadpan humor. I guess.

Granted, there were a few things that I need to do, like establish my main character more, and make sure I make what I'm doing more original. Which basically negates a lot of what I've written past those first five pages, but to be perfectly honest I was never really happy with where the script was going.

Also with the amazing comments and whatnot that I got...is a bit of a problem. It puts a lot of pressure on me to actually make my script good. But overall I'm happy. And maybe with this script behind me I'll feel more comfortable writing...because honestly that's where the $$$ is.
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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2006|10:27 am]
This week feels like it's been so long and supercrazy, and that's not looking good for this semester, which is also probably going to be long and supercrazy. With work added on to my schedule it's really filling up, and it doesn't help that Multicam's taking over my life. Last night I went to the OTN general interest meeting, which turned out to actually be a CitrusTV general interest meeting, so I was just signed up for Null & Void and Syrafeud. Whatevs. I'm already missing one of the meetings for Null & Void due to my crazy schedule.

Speaking of crazy schedules, I'll be happy to make it out of today. Because it's not "officially" listed as part of the class time I didn't realize how annoying it would be, but I have to build sets thursday nights from 9-midnight for multicam. Not terrible, because I'm usually up til late anyhow and I don't have class til the next day at almost 1, but my first class today is at 8am. Ok, so there are two three hour breaks in there between classes, but still..suckage. A nap may need to be taken.

Gotta go.
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2006|07:20 am]
I've so far met all of my classes. Well, I haven't been to the multicam studio, but whatever. Here's a rundown in the order of me having them.

PHO301 - Intro Photo - Ok, I'm not taking this class anymore. It seemed like it would be cool and intensive, but no spaces opened up, and I cant minor in it so I can't get into it otherwise.

TRF411 - Screenwriting - Slightly scary. I was never very good at writing or finishing my ideas, and the main thing I have to do for this class is write a full length screenplay (85-110 pages). I have a few ideas kicking around, but they're mostly states of existence that are all weird and Charlie Kaufman-esque, and not actual plot...so I've still got to figure something out. My prof is very awesome tho, so I don't think I should mind. I just don't really know anyone in my class, so I'm a little nervous.

PSY393 - Personality - The prof is crazy...slightly scary crazy. Beyond that it seems like any regular psych class. It's the second class and I'm already behind on my reading haha.

TRF522 - Multicam - This class will be fun, but it kills my thusday nights, becuase that's when rehersals/building sets are. It will also kill my end of the semester...because I want to edit. Schoonmaker kept saying, "don't worry, we'll be done with production by thanskgiving break, so the class will be pretty slow around finals...unless you're an editor." But still, I think I'll really enjoy it, and a bunch of my 255 kids are there.

TRF345 - Critical Issues - I'm sure this class will be a bitch around testtime, but Bob Thompson is a great lecturer. The class was hilarious. We talked about chicken mcnuggets and low rise jeans and the opening to dallas. and phallic images. Everyone should go sit in just once for fun. More 255 kids.

Anyhow, I should really get going for my screenwriting class. Today I think we're going over our homework, which was to eavesdrop and write down a couple conversations.
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2006|08:03 pm]
Gah. Hecticness.

I just finished installing the router/wireless internet, and it took at least an hour. "Approximately 10 minutes" my ass. I don't know what the problem was, but I ended up trying it about 15 times and calling customer service, who took about a half hour to even get to my call. But now it works, and I'm happy, because I'll be able to actually sit in my room instead of bumming off Dave's computer.

But today still has had too much stress. I got to my PHO301 class, which I wasn't (and still am not) registered for, and tried talking to my professor about getting into the class. He insisted that there were spots left open, even tho there clearly aren't on myslice. I'll try talking to him again wednesday when the class meets, because I've already had to change around my schedule once to accomidate this class, and I REALLY want to minor in photo and this is the last semester I can start. He seemed nice enough in the e-mail, I don't know what his problem is. Whatever.

After that I ran off to get to office max, taking the bus down to shoppingtown mall and then walking around a nearby shopping center for like 20 minutes before actually finding the place. After that was fine enough, but I hate hauling around reams of paper.

Now all I want to do is watch some TV and maybe eat cereal. Or pass out. I'm not looking forward to my 8am class tomorrow.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2006|10:06 am]
Last day of work!! In 4 hrs I will be free to sleep in (tho Boots will probably not let me since she's been trained that I wake up at 7:30...oh well), and not have to shelf read or any such thing ever again. That's it- no more libraries. Ever. That is my vow.

Dave's coming tomorrow!! That's super exciting. I spent hours cleaning the bathroom. And then today I realized I forgot something. So it's like 95% clean. Once I get home I have to tidy up my room and move some tubs into the basement. Pick up my postery mess and clean up boots' litterbox. Exciting day, eh? At least my dad's home so I don't have to bike.

And I think my dad ordered my birthday presents yesterday...or something like that. He called me while I was stopped at a red light to ask what game system I had...even tho I sent him specific links on amazon with my e-mail. Hm :/ that doesn't seem right. The whole conversation was kind of off, and it didn't help that I had to cut him off and like throw the phone at my mom since the light turned green. I hope he didn't buy me something on his trip. That never works out for anyone (ie mary kate and ashley olson shampoo, stupid fill in the blank scrapbook that i'll never use). I don't know when he'll catch on.

But it's only about a week til I go back to school. I need to get there soon lest I die.
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